Avoiding the Goal Setting Trap

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**Reality Check!**

‘Tis the Season for FB, IG and Twitter feeds full of articles, quotes and personal opinions about how you should be setting your 2015 New Years resolutions now; along with looking back at 2014 and being at peace with whatever you may or may not have accomplished and feeling good about it.

I call BS.

That is exactly the sort of mentality that should be avoided at all costs. Why? Because who cares that it’s the new year? Yeah yeah, you can get dressed up and have a night out on the town if you wish, however goals and life can’t be so easily compartmentalized. Nor should they be.

Here’s my top 10 tips that help me to remain clear of the NYE resolution trap and keep me orientated on my goal setting game:

1. Set goals whenever you want. Don’t wait for the new year, the first Monday of march or some other random day to get started. Start now!!

2. Fallen off the wagon?? Who cares! As a friend of mine says, those dang wagons come along all the time so just jump on another one.

3. New Years resolutions don’t stick so why would you set yourself up for failure anyway?

4. Don’t think in years, think in goals. Some larger, audacious goals will take years to accomplish so break it down instead. What will you accomplish in year 1, year 2, etcetera?

5. Always try your best. If you do this then when you look back to gauge how far you’ve come you can never be disappointed with yourself if, deep down you know you gave it your all.

6. Goals change. That’s ok. Don’t keep pushing for something if it no longer feels rights. Change that goal out for another! Your time and energy is precious.

7. If you’re only reevaluating your goals once a year then your progress will be slow. I aim for once a week. If you don’t make time to check in on your goals then chances are you aren’t working towards them enough.

8. Easy come, easy go. You are capable of achieving your wildest dreams so quit acting small. Don’t know something? Ask, then go with your gut and give it a try anyway.

9. All those people judging you, making small comments perhaps? Eff ’em. If they have the time and energy to criticize you then clearly they don’t have enough on their plate. But guess what, it’s their problem and not yours. Don’t react at all! Remember, you know what you need to accomplish with your time and I doubt “Pleasing Everyone” is on your list. If it is. Take it off now!!  

10. Keep it real. Be realistic with the amount of time you have to dedicate towards your goal list. Set high goals, however be aware of all other commitments that require your time.


With that in mind I hope you all have had a fantastic 2014 and that 2015 continues to treat you well!

Yours in good health,

Cordelia, RHN





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