Earth Day – Sustainable Food Choices

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Oh Earth, how I love thee! No it’s not Valentines Day my friends but Earth Day, which occurs on April 22nd around the globe. Really everyday should be Earth Day but somehow we believe it isn’t and I’m here to let you know that we can support the Earth all year by making sound decisions regarding the food that we eat everyday. How you ask? Well let me share with you my top 5 tips to support the earth through sustainable food choices. Let’s get this party started!


  1. Become a locavore – Yup that’s a word now. When you become a locavore it means that you are dedicated to supporting local food suppliers. Ideally within 100 miles or 160 kms of where you live. Might be easy for us on the west coast but not so easy if you leave up North! Which brings me to my next point…
  2. Support Local – If the 100 mile diet seems a bit too much of a challenge for you that’s alright, you can still commit to sourcing as much local food as possible and really try to limit the foods you purchase that travel hundreds or even thousands of miles by they time they make it into your kitchen. As much as we like it, we don’t really need to eat fresh fruit flown in from Mexico or South America in the middle of winter.
  3. Go Organic – This is a popular phrase right now and for good reason. Not only do we want more nutritionally dense food minus any potential pesticides, herbicides and other yucky chemicals but organic farming has strict regulations in place that not only protect the food that we eat but also the farm land which it is grown upon. Good idea right? If you’re unsure of what foods are best to buy organic then I highly recommend checking out the Environmental Working Groups Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen.
  4. Avoid Pre-Packaged – real foods don’t come in packaging so be cognizant of that when you are out doing your grocery shopping. Nowadays it is commonplace to find a food product bound in a plastic of some sort and then further packaged in a brightly colored and attention grabbing cardboard package of some sort. If you do find yourself buying pre-packaged food then be sure to recycle everything that you can and see if you can re-use some of the glass containers that house some food. Extra glass jars are an awesome way to organize your herbs and also seeds for your garden.
  5. Meatless Monday – Mmm, I do love supporting my local butchers however it is important to know that many meat production plants are incredibly energy intensive. A way around this is to support your local butcher and if you don’t have one then ask questions regarding the sourcing of the meat you do eat. Become informed of your food suppliers and challenge them to adopt for sustainable practices if they aren’t already doing so.


I hope the tips above will allow you to celebrate Earth Day everyday by making more informed decisions about your food supply chain.

Please share some of your favourite tips on how to support the earth through making better food choices, let’s learn from each other and share what we already know.


Happy Earth Day!


Yours in good health,

Cordelia McFadyen, R.H.N.

Synergy Health Centre

3960 Quadra St

Victoria, BC


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