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No Junk January – The Food Basics

January. A fresh month of a brand new year. It’s like going to the bank machine and all of the bills you receive are brand new and crisp. It’s exciting! It’s also the most popular month of the year to start new diets and detoxes in the hopes to shed some of the Christmas weight and take charge of your health! 2015 is the year to do it. Well it can be, if you make it your year. Forget about past years and any resolutions that maybe didn’t come through. Chances are you weren’t clear enough with your health goals. Working on your health to improve sleep, rebuild your gut health, balance your hormones or build a super immune system are all fantastic reasons to get healthy. They are also crystal clear health goals. Don’t get me wrong; losing weight is an extremely important reason too, however, if it is your only reason then it might not be ‘sticky’ enough. By sticky I mean it’s not really a goal for you but rather a goal that you think you should have. Maybe all of your peers have a common goal, maybe it aligns with yours but maybe it doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to go it alone at first. You will attract other people on your path that will help you and shed light on new ways of thinking. Now the beauty of a detox is that you don’t need to buy any crazy pills, potions, or special programs. You already have everything you need to create a detox that your body system will greatly benefit from.


Now the other awesome aspect of a simple detox is that you decide on the length of time. Audit where you are right now by asking yourself some of these simple questions to determine how long you may want to commit to a detox for:

  1. Do you eat fast food/processed/refined foods daily?
  2. Do you drink a lot of pop, coffee, tea, and juice?
  3. Do you shop organic with a focus on the clean 15 and the dirty dozen? *
  4. Do you workout daily?
  5. Do you meditate or participate in some spiritual practice to help calm your mind?
  6. Have you experienced any periods of extreme stress in the past 6 months?

*Click here to lean about the dirty dozen and clean fifteen.

Now that you have a good idea of where you are starting from decide on an appropriate length of time you can commit to 100%. Detoxes can range from 3-5days in length, 10-14 days in length and 30 days if you are looking for a really great cleanse. Pick the length of time and add it into your calendar/daytimer now!



The Food Basics we shall be following for this no junk January are very simple to follow. And remember, if you have any questions email me direct or comment on this article and I will be sure to help you out. Here we go, check out these food basics below:


  1. Get 8 hours of sleep per night. By supporting your body with the correct amount of sleep you are ensuring that all systems are resting and resetting the proper way they should be. Less sleep could mean that you are robbing your body of performing critical functions that only occur in a deep sleep cycle.



  1. Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Add another glass on for every cup of coffee, tea or juice that you consume. Start your day with 2 glasses of room temperature water to help activate your digestion. Add some lemon to help stimulate your liver too.
  2. Set aside 5-10 minutes every morning for a meditation. Recite a mantra, run through your day before it happens to help identify any times when you may be tempted to cheat and breath deeply. Breathe in for 3 and exhale for 3.
  3. Switch to organic fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products. This is such a simple move that removes a ton of pesticides, herbicides, hormones and more from your food supply.
  4. Aim for 3 meals a day with 2 snacks. Eat within 1 hour of rising and don’t eat 3 hours before bedtime. Meal prep is key while detoxing to ensure you always have healthy eats on hands. Pre-cut all of your vegetables, pre-cook your chicken breasts and portion out your fruits if smoothies are apart of your morning routine.
  5. Avoid all refined sugar. Click here to access a great site that shows you the over 40+ different names that sugar can be called. Talk about confusing! Limit fresh fruit to one piece per day, as even natural sugars are still sugar.


  1. Don’t eat out. As fantastic as restaurants are nowadays you can never really be sure what happens on the back end so for the sake of a clean detox, skip the eating out. Your wallet and stomach will thank you for it!
  2. Cut out wheat/gluten. I think most of you know how I feel about this bastardized food by now but for those of you that are new to my practice and me. I am not a wheat or gluten fan. It wreaks havoc on digestive systems and is responsible for food cravings and more. Be sure to include carbohydrates in your cleanse however make cleaner choices such as yams, sweet potatoes and brown rice.
  3. Greens, greens and more greens! Fill your meals with leafy greens and brightly colored vegetables. Make it your goal to eat a rainbow of natural foods at every meal.

An edible rainbow of nummy fruits and vegetables

  1. Cut out dairy except for some digestive assisting foods like kefir, organic butter and plain Greek yoghurt that have probiotics.
  2. Reduce red meat/salmon to 1x each per week. For protein sources focus on white fish, chicken, turkey and vegetarian sources such as quinoa, buckwheat, chia and hempseed. Avoid soy, as it is high in hormones and more than likely a GMO crop. Don’t forget that the world’s most popular protein is rice and beans!
  3. Be kind to yourself. Aim for small consistent changes and if you fall off the wagon, don’t fret! There is another one coming around the corner now.


There you go! You have the tools you need for a great New Years cleanse. Let me know when you start, how long you are going to cleanse for, what your health goal is and how you feel when you are done. All stories shared will be entered into a draw for a 1 hr Skype consult with me to answer your burning health questions. All stories must be submitted by January 30, 2015 and 2 winners shall be chosen from those submitted. Share with your friends to increase your odds.


Thanks for reading and Namaste my Inspired friends,

Cordelia, RHN


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