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Some things are very important for your health. Amongst these things are eating a healthy and balanced diet, getting enough exercise, staying hydrated and making sure you have enough good quality sleep. However, you may not think that other things can improve your health and general well-being. But you would be wrong. One such thing is playing video games. Surely video games are not healthy?!

Much scientific research has shown that gaming can have many surprising health benefits. For example, playing video games can help you to recover more quickly after an accident or following surgery, and gaming can reduce flashbacks to the incident. Gaming can also have a multitude of cognitive benefits, not least that it can actually strengthen and increase brain matter in the brain areas in charge of skills such as spatial awareness and planning. Gaming can also improve hand to eye coordination, as it involves complex interplay between your hands, your eyes and your brain. Gaming is also increasingly being used in the healthcare industry. An example of this is in elderly care, as gaming has been shown to slow down cognitive decline in the elderly and to increase subjective wellbeing and reduce the incidence of depression. Or perhaps you have a headache? Studies have shown that gaming can reduce pain, and VR games in particular have been shown to alleviate depression and reduce the pain that could be the result of illness or following surgery.

Obviously, It’s incredibly exciting, particularly for gamers. Further research is ongoing in the field of exergaming, which essentially refers to games that can improve your cardiovascular health as they involve exercise. Think the Nintendo Wii. So, perhaps you do not have to give up those games or even practice that much moderation. Get playing!

To find out more about these amazing health benefits, see the infographic above from our friends at Computer Planet.

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