Give the Gift of Health

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Well, well, here we are only 2 weeks out from Christmas day! How’s your holiday shopping going?

What are you going to ask Santa for this year?

Some new clothes?

Maybe a new phone or computer?

Oohh, what about a nice trip?

May I suggest something that’s going to provide you with endless amounts of self-confidence, guts and energy?

Time with yours truly!

Seriously, don’t put your health goals on the back burner for another minute!

There is a few different ways to work with me so let me elaborate for you.

For the Lady who’s ready to commit to radical change

For you I recommend either my Healthy & Happy Plan or Radical Transformation Plan. Both of these plans have you working with me on a 1-1 basis for a period of 3-months to really give you and your healthy goals the strong start you deserve.

For the lady who’s doing well but has a few niggling issues and needs some new food inspiration.

For you I recommend my Nutri-Systems Profile Assessment which comes with a pre-call questionnaire, an hour on the phone with me to strategize some next steps and a tasty meal plan to get you on your way.

For the lady who’s not quite ready for a big commitment

For you I recommend my Pick My Brain session. No pre-call questionnaires, just you and I connecting for an hour to answer your existing health questions and provide you an opportunity to work on some healthy habit creation on your own terms.

For the lady who wants to give the gift of health to someone in her life

Bravo! Well done for truly giving a gift that will keep on giving. For you I have a plethora of GF and DF meal plans that will be sure to support the loved ones in your life today. Check out some options regarding the meal plans that you can purchase and gift today:

  • For the expectant mother

    Support her with a pre and post meal plan that will help to ensure she has a healthy pregnancy full of the right nourishing foods.

  • For the family with small kids

    I’ve got a tasty kid friendly meal plan just for you!

  • For those people in your life that need gut support

    I have a few options for you here ranging from a gut healing meal plan, leaky gut meal plan, AIP/Paleo meal plan and more!

  • For the people in your life who are always on the go

Support those people with a high energy meal plan.

I have a ton more meal plans so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly with anything in particular that you’re looking for.



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