GUEST POST | The Sacred River Within – A Glimpse Using Live Blood Analysis

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A single drop of blood holds memory, struggle and potential. It unveils the underlying cause of symptoms and reveals the foundational nuances that are contributors. Whether it is a plumbing problem, an energy and fuel issue, or a situation of a ‘home’ invasion, the solutions become clear and simple. Within the blood profile also lies the intrinsic spiritual expression of your soul signature.

Many poems have been written about rivers and the mystical and hypnotic spell that they cast. Their power, movement and sound mesmerize us. We sit on their shores to clear our minds, take respite and find answers. Rivers are akin to the blood of the earth, running everywhere and essential to the sustenance of life on this planet. They transmute our rage, confusion and loneliness and gently kiss our tears. The language of their movement blesses us with peace and profundities. To meet and greet your blood picture through Live Blood Analysis connects you with your internal biological river and holds messages that mime that of the planet and your purpose.

Blood never ceases to amaze. When I view blood, I meet YOU… Bare-naked, vulnerable, strong and enduring. Your body is persistent and is relentlessly devoted to supporting, cleaning and defending you. It is an intricate system of worker bees navigating and negotiating on your behalf. So what is stalking you? Fatigue, weight and digestion are a few of the reasons people look for answers. Consider that your Candidiasis is possibly microbial overload. This extraordinary exploration looks beyond the obvious. By embarking on nutritional adjustments and support, your blood responds famously.

Your Sacred Blood

Blood is complex, organized and vital. It is the voice of your vibration. It evidences how you think, feel and experience. Many have written that blood carries the signature of the soul. Its complexities and expressions are indeed your soul-speak. As it shines your light, it also embraces your shadow self and its articulation is an orchestrated choreographed dance of the most intricate kind. Blood is tenacious in its desire for harmonious relationship with all its elements. It is where, as humans, we are beaconed forward into a deeper relationship with ourselves. Symptoms compel us to sink into our compassion and merge our light with our misunderstood shadow. By acknowledging the call, we fall into the arms of our empowered and enlightened potential.

Consider the following:

  • Blood reflects the cause and effect.
  • The better the blood looks, the better you feel.
  • How you think changes your vibration and predicates outcome.
  • It is a system of reciprocity. By balancing your blood, change happens.

Biological nuances are intentional. Liver stress cries out your anger and lungs speak your grief. Kidneys reflect your fear and adrenal gland stress gives the heads up that you are feeling out of control. This interrelationship simply makes sense. The blood is your body’s biological and emotional signaling medium.

Darkfield Microscopy is the scientific examination of the behavior of red and white blood cells, plasma and microbial life. The presence of undigested fats, inflammation, oxidation and other such anomalies are clear. Coagulation Morphology (also known as dry blood or OST – oxidative stress test) is the fingerprint of where congestion and deterioration exist, as well strength and vitality. Live Blood Analysis originated with Dr. Gunther Enderlein, a German Zoologist and researcher. He based the development of this microscopic analysis on that of A. Bechamp and his book on Mycrozymas. Enderlein’s findings forever changed our perspective regarding how disease establishes within and it continues to lend insight as to the underlying reasons for imbalance. The monumental contribution of LBA is its ability to distinguish how your ecological community and internal milieu are advocating for you by identifying the underlying cause or fundamental imbalance. This exquisite vantage point removes the guesswork when making choices to establish equilibrium.

Your body is designed to be naturally self-healing. It is a vigilant protector of your being, no matter how you get in the way. It is a synergistic embodiment of cells in support of the whole. Consistently, beneath the external manifestation of symptoms is the internal evidence through Live Blood Analysis. Therein lies the window for transformative change on all levels. It is a body-mind-spirit journey and the opportunity to bring the invisible to visible, the unconscious to conscious and the unspoken to the spoken. Be masterful. Graciously strive for magnificence. It is yours!


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Certified Darkfield Microscopic – Trainer/Mentor/Coach Health & Wellness Consultant, Master Herbalist, Spiritual Intuitive & Ontological Life Coach, Instructor – Pacific Rim College

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