Now What?! – A Bada** Business Workshop: Victoria

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So You’re A Nutritionist. NOW WHAT?!

Are you a Nutritionist (or soon to be)? Do you run your own nutrition practice or want to start one? Are you having trouble taking your nutrition practice off the ground or getting it to really thrive?

Join NeuroTrition and Inspired Living Nutrition for a badass business workshop that breaks it down so you can build it up.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Define your vision and the business plan you need to achieve it
  • Clarify your dream business’ niche and its differentiators from the competition
  • Discover the array of services you can offer, and products you can build
  • Set prices for your budding business
  • Learn branding basics, from your business cards to website
  • Create a following via social media
  • And so much more!

What You’ll Get:

  • A professional workbook with tips, exercises and beyond
  • 8 hours of dedicated business building tips and tools
  • Access to 2 holistic nutritionists
  • Professional networking time
  • Hands-on vision board and biz plan creation

Here’s what people are saying about this workshop:

“Since Holistic Nutrition is a relatively new field it seems many who graduate, or are near graduation, feel similar to how I’ve felt: lost, stressed, and worried about how successful I will be. The workshop gave me a chance to learn from Cordelia and Orsha’s successes and setbacks through their years of experience and business development specifically in the Holistic Nutrition area; it also inspired me to confidently take the necessary steps toward my goals. The workshop gave me valuable information and motivation to help me independently build my own practice.”

~ Cara Rensing, Dip. Holistic Nutrition; attended So You’re A Nutritionist. Now What?!, October 2016, Victoria

“Initially, I hesitated to register because I was feeling overwhelmed by my workload and I hadn’t budgeted for it; but what I really needed was business mentorship. Both Orsha and Cordelia have a remarkable understanding of potentials and pitfalls when it comes to the business aspects of holistic nutrition. Their workshop really opened my eyes to many things I hadn’t considered in terms of running my practice and marketing my skills in order to get repeat clientele, and I left with a sense of relief and comfort knowing I had clearly defined action steps to convert my passion and knowledge into paying customers.”

~  Julia Boser, C.H.N.C.; attended So You’re A Nutritionist. Now What?!, April 2016, Calgary

Ticket Price: $225.00 +taxes

Saturday February 4, 2017
9:00am – 5:00pm
DataTech Business Centre, 300 – 1095 McKenzie Ave, Victoria

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