An Open Letter to Those Who Refute Gluten Free

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To: An Open Letter to those who refute Gluten Free


**Contents subject to interpretation. Please see your own life for details. Message contains curse words**


Autism is over rated. Depression doesn’t exist. Mental illness is for the weak.


Does that make you feel angry? Annoyed? Hurt? Furious even? Perhaps you have a family member suffering from one of the above conditions, or maybe you suffer yourself. Keep that anger and annoyance long enough to get through this next paragraph.


Those same feelings that you may be feeling right now are the exact same ones that I feel when I see the latest and greatest article stating that gluten-free is made up and that scientists have proven it to be a hoax. You know what my first reaction is to that – Go F**k Yourself.* Yeah that’s right. Go. F**k. Yourself. I honestly don’t care what the latest scientist has said in regards to wheat and gluten (and for the record I do know the difference between what wheat is and what gluten is so please spare me the lame Jimmy Kimmel gluten skit reference). But the question I have to you is – are you aware enough to know what works well for your body and likewise, what doesn’t? Why has going gluten free become such an easy target? Allergy or not, if someone is making a decision to eat based on what feels good for them, then why judge it? It seems everyone has an opinion on this topic and I can’t help but revert back to some great advice I once received. If no one is asking you for your opinion then why are you giving it? I realize that this post could be misconstrued as such however; I for one am REALLY tired of the ‘Gluten Bullies’. You know, the people that ask if your still gluten free or if you’ve stopped doing that Atkins diet or whatever. Or even better, the self-appointed experts that spend time on social media outlets re-posting whatever article (s) seem to be making their way around the Internet that day. You look like misinformed a**holes to me (personally I’d rather be uninformed then misinformed but hey, each to their own). For the record, I have non-celiac gluten sensitivity and I’m thankful that I don’t have celiac disease. Even though when I had the blood test to check for celiac I was already off wheat/gluten so the test would have had a lower chance of success right from the get go. I also know numerous people who have had remarkable health gains once they switched wheat/gluten out of their diets in favor of some other non-gluten containing grains like amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa and rice to name a few. Why are we not applauding people for making healthier choices and wanting to feel better? I am not saying that going gluten free is for everyone, in fact, I hope you have a bullet proof digestive system and never suffer from any of the adverse affects of eating something that feels like poison to your system. However for anyone to imply that my numerous trips to the hospital and clinic in my youth were because of something that was “made up”, again, go f**k yourself. Why do we not realize that this is another form of bullying? Why do we as a culture have such a goddamn tough time in relating to someone who is sick/unwell on the inside yet looks perfectly normal on the outside? It’s not just gluten free where we as a collective society drop the ball. Unless I can see nasty bruises, gauze and some crutches I don’t buy that your unwell. Bulls**t. That is not acceptable to me. If you tell me that you think wheat or gluten makes you feel sick, I will believe you. Not only will I believe you, I will help you. I will help you heal your digestive system and get back to feeling good again. I will not assume that you are lying to get attention and that you really have a sickness in the mind. How f**king insulting is that? I have often said that I would love to get my hands on a skeptic, handcuff them to myself for 24hours, I’ll eat some wheat and then you can spend the next 24+hrs with me to see that what happens next is NOT the normal digestive process. But you know what, I won’t. You know why? Because If I spent all of my time interested in proving myself to the misinformed then I wouldn’t have the time to help those that are looking to feel better. And honestly, those people are deserving of my time. The skeptics/naysayers and non-believers are simply not.


Judge less, listen more and try not to be a rude pr**k to someone who is suffering. Who knows, if you stopped listening to the sound of your own voice and listened to someone else’s you might actually learn something.


Wheat or no wheat, I hope you all feel well and are eating what WORKS FOR YOU.


Yours in good health,

Cordelia McFadyen, RHN – Nutritionist

PS. By mentioning autism, depression and mental illness I am not looking to compare stories and shades of severity for the affected. I mention those because I feel that those topics could do with a whole lot more understanding as well.


*Sorry for swearing mum and dad, just had to be honest in my feelings.

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