PowerHouse Growers & the latest innovative food practices for your home

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One of the beauties about spending time on Vancouver Island is the fact that you start to become familiar with cool local companies. Whether through word of mouth or by way of reading local newspapers and blogs, it’s always fun when you come across a new resource or company that is leading the way. One of these companies for me is local digital publisher Powerhouse Growers. They have an abundance of articles that speak to hydroponics, urban agriculture, integrated vegetation and even green real estate.


I had the chance to speak with Tara Campbell who is the publisher and founder of PowerHouse Growers to learn a little bit more about how families and individuals can implement some of these trendy new sustainable food practices into their everyday routines. I’ll share with you some of her tips as well as some articles on the PowerHouse website that will warrant a read for those who are looking to learn even more.


A couple of terms that I hear quite often are that of the common hydroponics but also the more recent aquaponics. Tara let us know that hydroponics involve the root system sitting in water while the plant above grows while the newer term aquaponics involves nutrients coming from the fish. This option is usually more costly and has extra factors to consider such as fish health and overall effectiveness of the whole mini “eco-system”.


An easier way to introduce healthy habits into your home would be that of the new Urban Cultivator  appliance. This cool appliance lets you grow your own nutritious micro-greens 365 days a year! You can pick from seeds such as cabbage, lettuce, radish, arugula and more. An even easier way to get started is to check this PowerHouse article out that lets you know the top vegetables that re-generate themselves.


Another great article worth reading is this one about edible flowers . It’s worth noting that dandelion makes this list and for good reason! Dandelion is a powerful antioxidant that works hard to detox the body through cleansing the liver and kidney. Don’t forget that dandelion is also a powerful digestive aid and is helpful in reducing inflammation within the body. You’ll never look at dandelions the same way again; they are not the pesky weeds that you think they are.

ADDITION (March 14’18):

We found a great post from the Loyal Gardener all about the best greens to grow indoors. Check that out here.


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