Tongue to Bum!

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Excuse my cheeky title (ha-ha!) however I wanted to make sure that I got your attention! If you’re reading this then the chances are high that you know I love food, and even more so, I love the digestive system. I always say, “You aren’t what you eat but you are what you absorb and assimilate.”. Hmmm, sounds pretty good eh? I’m also sure you’ve heard about probiotics and the glorious health benefits of fermented foods. If you haven’t, consider yourself notified! This really all boils down to bacteria and making sure that we have more “good” or “beneficial” bacteria then we do of “bad” bacteria. We are susceptible to decreased levels of beneficial bacteria after times of illness, antibiotics and times of increased stress. While it’s important to understand bacteria and our own unique micobiome, until now there really hasn’t been a way to do so. Enter ubiome. They are a cool company that through a simple test “maps out” what bacteria you have living throughout your digestive tract. Wow! That’s pretty cool. Half of anything when it comes to your health is trying to figure out what you’re up against. With this bacteria test you will have an idea of how to go forward and reveal the best you.

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