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Bright Greens Canada is a unique hydroponic farm in the Greater Victoria area. The farm is housed in two converted shipping containers nicknamed April and May because it is spring year round. Inside the Knott family grows premium quality, pesticide-free leafy greens, herbs, edible blossoms and micro-greens for area chefs and retail customers. Our vertical hydroponic technology generates very high yields (150 to 200 pounds weekly) while conserving water and power. The resulting produce is clean, dry and same day fresh year round for the best flavour, nutrient levels and shelf life. Visit Bright Greens’ Saturday Farmgate to see the farms and to pick up crisp, fresh salad mixes, leafy greens and micro-greens every Saturday from 10am to 1pm at 6346 West Saanich Road. 
Favourite food to support digestion
Big green salads with my hydroponic greens are so helpful for me. As they are NEVER sprayed with pesticide, these meal salads nourish me and my gut microbes. I love to top my salads with different micro-greens too. Not only are micro-greens beautiful they are very nutritious and contain lots of digestive enzymes. Eating this combination of micro and fully grown greens provides my with lots of great flavour and nutrition that is easy to digest too. 

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