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Hello and thank you for checking out my website – Inspired Living Nutrition. I am very excited to be sharing this labor of love with you and I thought that for my very first blog post I would tell you a little bit about myself and the journey that I have taken to get me to where I am today; which is being in a position to help people reclaim their best health through a combination of my personal experience and post secondary education.


I am someone who has suffered with years of food sensitivities beginning from a very young age. Around 4 or 5 years old is when I really recall what I now know to be the aftereffects of eating something that I never should have been. It was commonplace for me to lie down after eating dinner because my tummy hurt. My poor parents took me to see doctors, who always thought it was something more serious and therefore began the barrage of tests for which I can remember clearly. Nowadays I often think back on how different my childhood, adolescence and early to mid-twenties would have been if I had been to see an RHN – Holistic Nutritionist back when my troubles began. Alas there is no point in living in the past and believe it or not I’m actually thankful for the multitude of different experiences I went through in reclaiming my health. Has the road been an easy one, definitely not. In fact, there were times that I can recall quite clearly that I felt I would never know what was wrong with me and that I had just better start to accept it. But I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. I had a feeling in the very depth of my being that good health was within my power if I just kept trudging forward. And that I did. Oddly enough it wasn’t until I moved to the UK in my early twenties that someone first suggested that I try to cut wheat out from my diet and see if that helped. Well did it ever. The bloating, mental clarity and reduction of mood swings that came over me in the first month was astounding to say the least. But that was just the beginning. It took me quite a few more years, 8 to be exact before I really understood all of the food allergies that I had and how to navigate the world in which we live so that I could still socialize, have fun and be true to myself while feeding myself the foods that made me stronger. I am over 2+ years into my journey of reclaiming my health as opposed to just losing weight and I feel great! I am down 40lbs, have excellent mental clarity, minimal mood swings and no more afternoon naps! Ha-ha, napping used to be commonplace for me, as I just never had the full energy to get through the day. Now I nap because I want to, not because I have to.


Now I have provided you with a snippet of my story just to let you know that it is NEVER to late to work on reclaiming your health. I am here to help you  – Reveal the Best You. If your unsure if this is for you or maybe your scared to take the first step then I invite you to call me so that I can help dispel some of the worries, fears and concerns you have and instead focus on the bigger picture, step by step of how I can help you get back to good health. There has never been a better time than now. With our food supply being hijacked by corporations who are more concerned with profits then with your well being I can provide you with the tools to get back to basics as much or as little as you want to. We are all very different and I pride myself on looking at every person in that same way. So what are you waiting for? You deserve the health for which we are all intended to live with which is pain free and full of energy! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to speak with you soon.


In good health,


Cordelia RHN – Holistic Nutritionist


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