Cordelia was key in helping my digestive system and skin get back on track!

Without her, I’d still be experiencing uncomfortable skin issues and feeling really insecure about it. 

Now I’m able to workout and go out socially without worrying if something I eat or do is going to trigger a skin reaction or upset stomach. 

Honestly, if you’re done trying to figure out what food and supplements are going to be best for you and your health goals, hire Cordelia!

Sandra L

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop series – very practical and informative.

Fall ’17 Nutrition Workshop Series Participant

Casey B

I have known Cordelia for two years. Since the beginning I have been impressed with her proactive abilities. We met, because Cordelia had connected with me through LinkedIn. She had looked into what I had been up to and asked how she could be of service. She was so knowledgeable, and I knew she would be fun to work with, which she has been. Finally, Cordelia is continually learning and honing her skills.

Ari H

At the beginning of this year I had given up sugar and grains/gluten. I had been doing well with my eating plan , but at month 4 reached a plateau and wasn’t sure how to proceed at this point without reverting back to my old habits. So I contacted Cordelia for a “Pick my brain” session hoping she would help me come up with some ideas on how I could break past that point , then to help me get ready for the next level of my success. I felt very comfortable and confident talking to her about my food choices and she was able to listen and give me many great ideas . Cordelia also followed up with a report of the key points of our conversation so I could refer to them later on. I feel this was the best hour I spent regarding my health. Thank you Cordelia , I am grateful for your knowledge and expertise .

Angela W

I had the pleasure of taking Cordelia’s Vision Boarding Workshop in 2018. Not only did I have a great time learning new techniques to apply to my board, the evening was filled with fun conversation with all participants motivated to find their personal success through this great format.

Angela T

It was the best time I spent.

Fall ’17 Workshop Series Participant

Paris A

Cordelia is an engaging educator who is able to seamlessly navigate through nutritional science and present it in a way that is easy to understand, direct, and practical. She has consistently delivered high value presentations packed with information and resources to one of my corporate clients. I highly recommend Cordelia to any organization or group looking to learn more about how improving their nutrition can help to optimize their health.


I decided to make an appointment with Cordelia after decades of trying every possible diet program on the market without any good long-term results. I needed to find new strategies and lasting motivation to become healthier. Cordelia was (and still is) able to help with a plan of action tailor made for me. She advises me not only with her vast knowledge of the various aspects of nutrition but also with ways to incorporate mindfulness into my daily life. Cordelia is extremely positive and enthusiastic, thus contributing in significant part to the positive changes and outcomes in my quest to a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you so much,

Marie H

A few years ago I had the unfortunate pleasure of having to take some pretty heavy medications for a health issue. Although the medication healed what it was supposed to, the side effects were a bit more complicated to deal with. The heavy chemicals tore through my digestive system, turned my diet regimen upside down, caused weight gain and severe gas and bloating. No matter what I tried to help heal my gut, I was not having any success. It was suggested to me to try the IgG food sensitivity testing and find out what is foods are upsetting my system. Cordelia counseled me on what foods are upsetting my intestinal system, and after cutting them out of my diet, symptoms began to ease. Although I am not fully healed, the food sensitivity test helped me to figure out what not to eat. Had I not taken the IgG food sensitivity test, I would still be trying, through the process of elimination, to figure it out. Definitely a smart move to help me on my road to recovery.

Kathryn V

Cordelia presented two workshops, The Protein Paradox and Vision Boarding at the 2018 Island Fitness Conference in Victoria, BC. Both workshops were extremely well received by conference delegates with positive reviews:

– Very engaging
– Wonderful, relevant and fun!
– Yay! I am fired up!
– All 5’s – well done!
– Changed my life!
– Great Talk! Learned some very helpful tips and ideas to help increase goal setting

Cordelia has a charismatic, positive and motivating presenting style. Her sessions were engaging and informative with multiple view points provided to enhance audience participation. She is open to conversation and feedback and takes the time to listen to each person individually.
Thank you.

Krista E

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